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The 4th City in Glory of Rome requires a player to be level 10, control a plain and be in possession of a 'Fourth City Deed.' A 'Fourth City Deed' can be obtained either through the shop, or by completing the "Earn Your Fourth City Deed" quest:

This is the text from the quest:

"Jupiter has recognized your skills in warfare and will grant you a Fourth City Deed in exchange for 20 Augustus' Marks, 15 Tiberius' Marks, 9 Caligula's Mark, 4 Claudius' Mark, and 2 Vespasian's Mark!

Quest Objective

Find 20 Augustus' Marks, 15 Tiberius' Marks, 9 Caligula's Marks, 4 Claudius' Marks, and 2 Vespasian's Marks from attacking Wilds".

You can find the Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius Mark by attacking level 2-10 wilds, I would personally recommend hiting level 5 wilds. Please comment below if you have any experience encountering Vespasian's Marks. Reportedly, wilds of higher levels yield more/better marks.

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